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"After just a couple of lessons, I find it hard to put down my paints and brushes.Kevin asks questions that enable me to articulate my needs and he also makes it comfortable to ask him questions. Being a good listener, he then teaches in a manner that is customized to both my learning style and my learning goals. He does all of this in a lighthearted and accepting way."  - BG


Thanks to today’s technology, Kevin can visit you in your own studio for one-on-one lessons. Sessions run from mini burst sessions (1/2 hour) to the usual 2 hours sessions. This one-on-one studio-to-studio teaching technique is both informative and fun! Instruction can range from helping with a painting you are working on, to following an entire lesson plan. It’s like having a visit from Kevin!


Kevin's Recommended Supply List:


Winsor Newton artist quality is the grade of watercolor Kevin uses. They can be expensive initially but the colors are more intense and will last longer, perform better and go further than less expensive brands.

Starter List:

Cadmium Yellow
Transparent Yellow
Cadmium Red
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Cerulean Blue
French Ultramarine
Sap Green
Winsor Violet

Advanced List:

Aureolin Yellow
Winsor Lemon
Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna
New Gamboge
Permanent Rose
Cobalt Blue
Winsor Blue
Virdian Green
Burnt Sienna
Cadmium Orange

Winsor Red
Vermilion Hue
Roe Madder Genuine
Antwerp Blue
Hooker Green
Winsor Green (shade blue)
Permanent Magenta
Caput Mortuum Violet
Brown Madder
Neutral Tint



Archer 140lb cold press is a medium weight 100% rag paper with a slightly rough surface. Try Archer 300lb cold press for a treat.

Workshops: 10 sheets of Archer 140lb cold press
Classes: 3 sheets of Archer 140lb cold press


Kevin recommends palettes similar to this one:

paint palette

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