A Brush for Life

For an artist that has taught himself to successfully paint around being colorblind, Kevin Dadoly has recently been faced with health issues that have made a major impact on his work and life.  

Known for his gregarious ease with students and his quick wit, Kevin's diagnosis with a rare autoimmune disease, Myasthenia Gravis, left him unable to speak, vision loss in one eye and several other debilitating symptons.  He fought his way back with the help of a team of doctors and  some cutting edge medications.  He is now able to speak (a lot) and his vision has improved significantly.  Most of his other symptoms remain in clinical remission.  

After his uphill climb to remission, he was then diagnosed with cancer.  His strong will and capacity to fight through all that is thrown at him has now brought him another triumph, his cancer outlook is bright.

Dadoly is back at the easle.  He began a series of paintings to see "what he could do".  One of those new paintings "Steeple" (found here and on instagram kevindadolyartist) has been selected out of hundreds of entries for the NHAA (New Hampshire Artists Association) 35th Annual Omar T. Lassonde exhibit at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH running through May 30th, 2021.  for more informaton visit

Kevin Dadoly is also gearing up to start on-line teaching, for both groups and one-on-one classes.  

With much excitement Kevin Dadoly is working his way back and will be actively updating this website, including the addition of new work and any news on class offerings.  Stay tuned!


Feel free to drop Kevin a line with any questions. 

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